If you want to make your Facebook page even more beautiful and attractive, create a unique cover for it. You are getting the chance to express yourself and use this element of social media to show your preferences and your personality. You can choose the cover in correspondence with your current feelings or try getting out a message about what you are thinking of the particular events, what is your idea of life and so on. And all this is possible with Facebook Cover designer.

Common rules

There are different services within the Internet, which allow designing the perfect Facebook Cover. It is really easy and takes almost no time. Usually you are expected to look through the features offered by the platform and find there the ready 'Facebook Cover' templates. Here you should drag and drop the photos which you want to see as your cover. And that is not the end! There are options used to design or modify the cover. Doing this you should remember that the complicated changes increase the cover's visual impact. When everything is ready you should look at it using preview option, save it, choose the size you want to see and apply one or several options from the whole range. You can add text, various photo effects, make a collage and in general develop the real graphic design. With a text editor you can select and apply fonts available at your computer or in the Internet. Just use the text settings and enjoy the result. Many services suggest that you can use the photo effects, which are already developed by their designers. You’ve got a wide space for experiment of all kinds under the potential of the online resource you use. There are a lot of services offering to achieve image perfection! Let’s consider some of them!

Sites, which will be of help

  1. http://covermyfb.com/ This is a very convenient web site offering a wide range of cover categories. Here you can find beautiful handmade pictures of cars, animals, celebrities, and seasons. The designers have developed fantasy themes and funny posters. You can tell the love story and reveal your music preferences with help of the images published at the site. If you want to have some sexy photos, you can get them here. The catalogue with all these categories is placed in the left column at the main page. The pictures are of high quality and unique. As we mentioned above, you can design your own cover turning to a cover creator. Here you just choose background size and color, add text and preview all you get now. In order to start, you are expected to register. It is extremely easy to install the covers. Just follow the instructions! And mind that there is no need to pay for a picture here – just push the Upload to Facebook button.
  2. https://www.canva.com/create/facebook-covers/ is another free resource that allows creating the marvelous Facebook Covers. You can select the layout you like and apply different fonts for text, images and colors which as you think are appropriate. Create your own cover and make your Facebook fresh and attractive for you guests expressing your mood. Here you can find the themes for a business profile and for a personal Facebook page. And they offer a free access to the stock full with pictures – there are almost 1 mln images. Just imagine! Also at this site there are free design tools allowing creating covers without special experience. All that you need is to open the account that is easy. You can use Facebook, Google or e-mail address to sing in. But if you want to master your designer skills, you have such a chance and get the teaching materials at this site selecting the Learn in the main menu.
  3. https://www.picmonkey.com/collage/facebook-covers is a Facebook cover photo maker. You are proposed to use the templates they have in their data base and improve your Facebook cover photo. They do their best to control over cover sizing preserving image quality. Besides, here there are a lot of textures and effects. You can make collage and have the best FB banner possible. Making all this is easy as it can be in general. Open your Facebook image, select FB Cover Photo from layouts tab and find the needed photo, drag and drop it to the right place and save the results of the operation made. Now you should just upload to Facebook. Here there are such features as face editor, blemish remover, eye color changer and others. You can use exclusive photo filters, design templates for free during 7-day trial.
  4. http://www.firstcovers.com/ says that they do it best. Perhaps you can count on it. The site looks alike the first our member of the list – it also has the categories in the left column. Though the choice is not so wide – only thousands of images and not a million as the others promise. We cannot insist that this resource is as convenient as the above ones but you should try it because they guarantee the diversity. And unfortunately they offer only ready pictures without tools to change them or design your own. They also offer creating an account that is easy to do.